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VW by Veggie Wire



VW by Veggie Wire

VW by Veggie Wire – a delicious fruit dish


1 banana

14.10 oz of red melon

8.81 oz of yellow melon

8.81 oz of strawberries

10.58 oz of pineapple

3.52 oz of red grapes

2.11 oz of apricots

10.58 oz of cherries


Enjoy a healthy fruit dish .

You’ll love this colorful, pretty fruit dish.

Celebrate the beginning of the season with this fruit dish.


In 150 grams of strawberries – that is; as long as it is in a small bowl; it is 140% of the daily vitamin C dose; 10% of the B group of vitamins needed; and an important dose of vitamin K. To these are added rare minerals; excellent in the spring diet: molybdenum; potassium, iron, magnesium, copper and very soluble fiber.

The strawberries tonify the heart muscle, purify and refresh the blood, regulate and supplement the iron reserves in the body. It balances blood sugar levels, and the very powerful antioxidants they contain have the ability to destroy and fight the appearance of cancer cells.

The strawberry diet means eating 300 grams of strawberries each day for a period of at least two weeks. Ideally simple, no added sugar or yoghurt or skimmed cream.

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