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Soft lemon biscuits

Soft lemon biscuits

For the lemon biscuit recipe, mix the rice flour with almond flour and 4,05 oz of sugar, a teaspoon of coffee and a grated lemon. Roll the pine nuts and join the mixture.



Soft lemon biscuits

Soft lemon biscuits – a delicious recipe


7,93 oz of sugar

7,05 oz of gluten-free almond flour

3,52 oz of pine nuts

3,52 oz of gluten-free rice flour

two whites

gluten-free powder yeast



For the lemon biscuit recipe; mix the rice flour with almond flour and 4,05 oz of sugar; a teaspoon of coffee and a grated lemon. Roll the pine nuts and join the mixture.

Place the whites with 3,8 oz of sugar; Gently incorporate it into the flour mixture. Using a pastry pocket or a spoon; distribute the dough on a plate covered with baking paper; forming 30 pile blocks. Bake for about 20 minutes.


About lemons

Did you know that Egyptians believed that eating lemon and lemon juice would keep away from any form of poisoning, and recent studies confirmed their conviction?

There are many health benefits that lemons bring us and which we have known for hundreds of years. The most well-known are that lemons are antiviral; antibacterial and immunostimulatory and are useful in diets because lemon juice is a digestive aid and a detoxifier for the liver.

Lemon consumption helps treat infections of the throat; indigestion; constipation; dental problems; fever; internal bleeding; rheumatism; burns; overweight; hair problems, respiratory disorders; cholera; and hypertension.

Lemon juice is especially beneficial to health. Nevertheless; consuming a lemonade besides relaxing and refreshing is also useful for treating kidney stones; strokes; treating cardiovascular disease and reducing body temperature.

Lemon has proven to be a useful natural remedy that offers solutions for various health problems. This is a complex antiseptic necessary to maintain the health of any person. For this purpose; each one should consume a quarter of lemon every day.

Also; lemon is not the most tasty fruit for an afternoon snack but is used successfully when it comes to flavoring other dishes such as fish; salads; soups; cakes. It is acid and astringent; but at the same time surprisingly refreshing.



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