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Red beans and avocado salad

Red beans and avocado salad

This simple, hearty salad is a vegan feast packed with beans, avocado and tomatoes. It’s a crowd-pleasing, festive and delicious┬ábean salad.



Red beans and avocado salad

Red beans and avocado salad – a tasty salad


1 can red beans

2 large tomatoes

1 red onion

1 tsp of olive oil

salt and pepper – optional

1 avocado


This simple; hearty salad is a vegan feast packed with beans; avocado and tomatoes. It’s a crowd-pleasing; festive and delicious┬ábean salad.

Cut the onion in slices and the avocado and tomatoes, diced.
Add the beans, olive oil, salt and pepper.


Avocados are a rich source of essential fatty acids: but the benefits they pose to health come from many other important nutritional properties.Avocado is a fruit belonging to the Lauracae family; alongside other flower plants such as camphor, cinnamon or bay.

The thick consistency of the pulp and the specific flavor of avocado make it similar to oleaginous fruits such as nuts and seeds. The scientific name of the fruit is American Persea.

An avocado fruit contains about 22.5 g of fat; of which two thirds are monounsaturated (beneficial to health). An important quality of avocado fruit is that it contains very little fructose (associated with predisposition to fattening) and about 20 essential nutrients such as fiber, potassium (in a double amount compared to bananas), vitamin E, vitamin B complex And folic acid.

People who like to consume avocados frequently are healthier than those who eat only rarely or at all this fruit.

Avocado is a wonderful fruit that we should not exclude from our diet and which modern nutritionists appreciate it for its extraordinary qualities.

The nutritional value of avocado

In one avocado fruit you can find vitamins B6; C, E and K; betacarotene; lutein, selenium; potassium, glutathione and omega 3 fatty acids.
Avocado contains not less than 18 amino acids, which are used by the body to form complex proteins. Some experts claim that avocados would be a better source of protein than meat.
The avocado fruit contains more natural fiber than any other fruit. This rich fiber content facilitates digestion and helps the body absorb all nutrients from food.

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