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Raw biscuits



Raw biscuits

Raw biscuits – a tasty dessert


For the white biscuits, we need:

2 tsp lemon juice

1/2 lemon zest

aprox. 0,88 oz hydrated cashew nuts


some  peppermint extract drops

almond flour

1 tbsp of coconut flour (obtained by grinding the coconut flakes)

1/2 tsp psyllium powder

1 tsp of water

For the brown biscuits, we need:

a few well hydrated dates  in water

a few hydrated plums in water

nuts flour (walnuts obtained by grinding in a coffee grinder)

1 tsp of honey, optional

some carob powder (as a replacement for cocoa)


If you have all these ingredients, the biscuits preparation takes no more than 10 minutes. Mix the ingredients in the blender for each type of biscuit, to obtain a crumbly paste. At this time, remove from the blender, knead and stretches with rolling pin between two food foil. Then remove the foil, cut in small forms using forms for cookies and put them in the dehydrator.Start the dehydrator and let him do its job for several hours, until they get the desired consistency!



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