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Plum dumplings

Plum dumplings

Plum dumplings are made with a mashed potato dough and prune plums and can be eaten as dessert.



Plum dumplings

Plum dumplings – a tasty recipe


19,40 oz – 21,16 oz of pink potatoes (the idea is to remain 17,63 oz when they are ready cooked and clean)
4,40 oz of flour
2,64 oz of wheat semolina
5,29 oz of bread crumbs
4 tbsp of vegetable oil
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
1 tsp of cinnamon
8 large plum,halves


Plum dumplings are made with a mashed potato dough and prune plums and can be eaten as dessert.

Wash the potatoes well on the shell, cleaning them with a sponge, rinse and boil them in a pot with cold water and 1 teaspoon of salt. Boil about 20 minutes, until they are soft then drain the water, peel, as much as possible, while they are still hot and place them in a large bowl.

Crush the potatoes with the hand blender. It is recommended never to process potatoes in a blender, because they become very sticky, however the puree should be fluffy.Try to get a basic dough sufficiently bound without adding eggs.

You will obtain a paste of potatoes that will be quite hot, so let it cool longer and meanwhile put a big pot on the fire with water (1,06 US gal-1,32 US gal).

Meanwhile, gird the pan over medium fire, add the oil and the breadcrumbs immediately. Mix patiently until the breadcrumbs become golden brown and spread a pleasant smell of baked pie. Overthrow the breadcrumbs in a dish; sweeten and add the vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

The dough

After the potatoes paste is sufficiently cooled, add semolina and flour and 1 pinch of salt and knead quickly.

It is not intended in any way to obtain a strong dough,  we will not knead too much, just 2-3 minutes. Although the dough will be soft will not be very sticky, it will work quite easily.

If there are some pretty big plums, put one half in each dumpling, so use 16 dumplings. If you prefer, you can use the whole plum, add a little sugar in their midst etc. Importantly, if the plums are frozen, do not let them thaw, remove them from the freezer but only after you have finished cooking. If they are softened, they will leave more water and it will be more difficult to wrap in the dough.

The dumplings

When the water in the large pot begins to boil easily, add 1 teaspoon of salt, stir to dissolve and reduce heat to medium-low. In a small bowl with water, we wet the palms before each dumpling shape. With the palms wet; break a piece of dough about as a ball, add half a plum (fresh or frozen) and then shape the dumpling, careful not remain unbound somewhere.

As soon as you made a dumpling; put it into the boiling water in the pot. Wet your hands and start shaping another dumpling.Try to work as quickly as possible, not to be a significant time between the first and the last made boiled dumplings. Once added all the dumplings, go with a spatula on the bottom of the pot, so they are not stuck. After all rose to the surface, simmer for 4-5 minutes; eventually stop the fire and cover the pot with a lid, so the semolina to swell and make the dough very tender.

Once the dumplings are cooked, remove them with a spoon, draining them well, then put them directly in flavored breadcrumbs .

Wallow in breadcrumbs the flavored dumplings; then arrange on a platter.

Obviously, serve them hot.



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