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Milk and coffee shake

Milk and coffee shake

Espresso, vanilla ice cream and chocolate marry in a creamy shake.



Milk and coffee shake

Milk and coffee shake – a tasty shake


2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1.69 fl oz of milk

1.01 fl oz of chocolate syrup

whipped cream

chocolate candies

1 small cup of espresso


Shake Description:

Espresso, vanilla ice cream and chocolate marry in a creamy shake.

In a shaker, agitate the ice cream , espresso, the milk, the sugar and the syrup. Pour the composition in a highball glass and garnish with whipped cream topped with chocolate candies.


Discovered by the Aztecs; aphrodisiac for humans; lethal to animals; but also a basic ingredient in microwave development; chocolate hides much more secrets than the assortments you tasted.

Have you heard chocolate as the main dish? Well; in the year 1000 AD; the Chilean civilization; with tribes in southern Mexico;ate chocolate as we eat pizza.

The maya civilization used to consume chocolate at all special events; being a drink at weddings; baptisms or funerals. In this way, every special moment in life was sweetened with the delicious dessert.

Those who prefer tablets or candies in exchange for hot chocolate; need to know that not any chocolate maker has been made. In the 1700s; nuns from the Mexican monasteries invented the product; for the first time in order to raise funds for their churches.

Even if you find only 10 to 20 varieties in stores, chocolate contains over 500 different flavors. So, besides vanilla or strawberries, it adds a few more hundreds of scents and substances.

One of the most known French emperors, Napoleon used to eat chocolate during his military campaigns. Indeed, a smart move because chocolate gives you energy and restores carbohydrates.

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