16. Green Detox Juice with herbs

Green Detox Juice with herbs

This refreshing juice is made of parsley, cucumbers, spinach and apples with coconut water.



Green Detox Juice with herbs

Green Detox Juice with herbs – a delicious drink


1 bundle of parsley

2 large cucumbers

2 apples

2 hands of spinach leaves

1 can of coconut water


Wash all ingredients thoroughly.Gradually insert the ingredients into the juicer, parsley, apple, spinach leaves and cucumbers.
Finally pour the coconut into the glass and mix.
The juice is to be drunk immediately after preparation, twice a day, as snacks for 2 weeks.


About coconut

The pulp (fresh and dry); milk, water and oil; all offered by this coconut walnut; have truly incredible curative properties. Officially named Cocos Nucifera, grows abundantly in Malaysia, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and other tropical areas. Encountered for the first time by Spanish conquerors, they named the wonderful “coconut” because they thought it looked like a smiling face.

The coconut has been appreciated for his properties since ancient times, and his name in Sanskrit is “the one that offers life all is needed.” This is because the coconut has multiple uses: it provides food (pulp, milk used for soups and curry, roasted oil); moisturizing (water and milk); serves to sweeten various preparations; applied topically protects the skin from UV rays, and from its leaves are braided baskets, decorations and accessories. Among its many benefits, we mention: it fights effectively against infections of any nature!

Lauric acid;a unique fatty acid; especially abundant in coconut oil; neutralizes various pathogens: bacteria; viruses and fungi. It is especially effective against Staphylococci and Candida alibicans fungus (responsible for the development of genital, oral, skin, severe tooth problems, disequilibrium between good and bad bacteria in the intestines, and can cause complications for people with a compromised immune system ). Moreover; coconut oil strengthens the immune system and can be a complementary treatment useful for people who are experiencing serious infections such as hepatitis.

The coconut has an exceptional nutritional profile. The pulp, water and milk are full of vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, iron;calcium; selenium; magnesium and phosphorus. Also; the many antioxidants in the composition contribute to the amelioration of a wide range of conditions such as: cardiovascular problems; excess cholesterol; digestive problems; hormonal disorders and diabetes.



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