13. Detox balance juice

Detox balance juice

This nourishing juice helps to treat anemia and improve resistance to exercise. Enjoy this juice and try it as soon as possible!



Detox balance juice

Detox balance juice – a tasty drink


2 carrots

1 red beet

2 red apples

½  of lemon


Gradually add the ingredients to the blender.

Pour the juice into the glass.

Red beet has multiple health benefits including liver detoxification, immune system stimulation, blood pressure regulation, and new red blood cell production. Moreover, red beet helps to treat anemia and improve resistance to exercise.

Due to the extremely high content of betacarotene, calcium, vitamin C and antioxidants, the carrot juice helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the liver and cleans blood vessels from cholesterol deposits.

Apples have a rich content of vitamin C and B6, potassium and fiber that provide good intestinal transit, prevent cardiovascular disease and confer elasticity and firmness to the skin.


About carrots

Carrot was also called the “ginseng of the poor”, due to the large number of phytochemicals; natural substances that have beneficial effects on health. As a proof; the carrot was first grown as a medicine and it was only afterwards discovered as food. It contains several vitamins and minerals and a very low amount of unsaturated fat.

Beta-carotene, the substance that gives the carrot the orange color is the natural variant of vitamin A and one of the most powerful antioxidants. As a result; regular carrot consumption protects against free radicals that destroy the cells, causing cancer.

Furthermore, the carrot guarantees a strong immune system, a normal cholesterol value and is useful in the slimming cure, with only 42 calories per gram.

Carrot oil is highly moisturizing and is useful for dry skin. And to really enjoy the benefits of carro; it’s good to cut it off when it’s already boiled. Another study has shown that carrots; that are first cooked and then cut have more antioxidant substances than those that are first cut and then cooked.



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