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Cream of carrot soup with croutons

Cream of carrot soup with croutons

This cream of carrot soup with croutons is very easy to make.



Cream of carrot soup with croutons

Cream of carrot soup with croutons – A tasteful recipe of carrots


3.52 oz of butter

1lbs of carrots, cut in slices

1 big onion, chopped in slices

3.50 ozĀ of rice

33.82 fl oz of chicken soup


cubes of bread

1 cusp of sugar


Heat the carrots in 1.80 oz of butter, cut in slices, together with the onions, cut in pieces, a cusp of salt and a cusp of sugar.

After the carrots have softened, pour the soup or water and add the rice.Leave to boil at a soft fire.

Pass all through the sieve, thinned by some tablespoons of soup and add 0.90 oz of butter.Sprinkle the croutons by 0.90 oz of butter and parch them in the oven.

The carrot was also called the “ginseng of the poor”, due to the large number of phytochemicals, natural substances that have beneficial effects on health. As a proof, the carrot was first grown as a medicine and it was only then discovered that the good taste it had made it suitable as food. It contains several vitamins and minerals and a very low amount of unsaturated fat.

Beta-carotene, the substance that gives the carrot the orange color is the natural variant of vitamin A and one of the most powerful antioxidants. As a result, regular carrot consumption protects against free radicals that destroy the cells, causing cancer.


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