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Beetroot,pears and carrots juice



Beetroot,pears and carrots juice

Beetroot,pears and carrots juice – a fresh juice


1 large beetroot
2 large pears
4-5 carrots
½ lemon juice


The wonderful juice tastes great, earthly, and is rich in minerals and vitamins, so from the beetroot you can prepare one of the most healthy, invigorating and purifying juices.Do not forget that the raw and fresh juice is one of the most healthy and invigorating substances that you can taste. Fresh juices provide nutrients directly to the body, within a few minutes.

Like apples, pears are suitable for detoxification diets and contain a range of minerals, fiber and vitamins. The nutritional value of carrot juice makes it a perfect drink to strengthen the immune system. Carrot juice purifies the skin and facilitates digestion.

Clean the beetroot and cut it into pieces. Wash the pears and carrots and peel them. If the pears have a size that allows us to put them in the blender whole, do not cut them. If they are too large, cut them in half.
Put the pears, carrots and the beetroot in the blender.
Add the juice of half a lemon, mix and eat it.


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