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Beet juice with fruits



Beet juice with fruits

Beet juice with fruits – a delicious drink


1 beetroot
4-5 pretty big tangerines
5 Golden apples
1 banana
1 slice of ginger


This beet juice recipe is sweet, delicious, and detoxifying. The beet is accompanied by the apple, banana and the mandarin.

Wash all the ingredients. Clean the banana, tangerines and beet, peel the apples.
Put in the blender the fruits and 1 slice of ginger.
Mix the juice and fill the cups about a third.
Then add the beet and mix and pour into glasses. The red juice will go to the bottom and above will be the yellow juice.
Serve immediately!


Cooked in the oven or cooked in the form of salad, red beet is an excellent source of vitamins (A, B, C, E, K), minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium , manganese) and fibers.

With a sweet taste and a wonderful color, beets can keep you away from the most cruel diseases such as cancer, liver or cardiovascular disease.

One of the benefits of beet root is that it prevents cancer.

Of all the vegetables, the beet is said to have the most effective antitumor action and can prevent cancer development. People who have a 42-day cure with fresh vegetable juices, including red beet juice, can prevent leukemia, lung and gastric cancer.


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