Detox – Fresh fruits  and vegetables

The detox   include fruits and vegetables as they are an important source of vitamins for  body health.

Natural and rich in vitamins and minerals; fruits and vegetables help to be healthy every season and detox body/

Detox with Veggies and fruits contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that help protect the body against cancer; diabetes and heart disease.


Due to the nutritious elements contained, some vegetables and fruits even have the ability to burn calories. Also they can be used mostly in diets; sometimes being the only ones that can be consumed in the case of diseases.
Through their vivid colors and alluring fragrance; a menu which consists of vegetables and fruits may be more comforting mentally and physically than a purchased menu from a fast food.
The consumption of vegetables and fruits has many advantages. Vegetables and fruits are the only source of vitamin;very important to maintain health; the work capacity. They provide between 60-80% of vitamin A; which is found in them under the form of provitamin A.

Vegetables and fruits provide carbohydrates; have diuretic properties, through their  high content of water; potassium and carbohydrates easily assimilated.
For those who think they can have a menu that consists only of vegetables and fruits; we have to mention that there are disadvantages only eating vegetables and fruits.
For example, fruits and vegetables are generally low in protein and fat.

By drying them in the sun as a method of preservation; large amounts of vitamins C, B2 and B6 are lost.

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