Types of vegetarian diets

Types of vegetarian diets : from vegan to flexitarian

Types of vegetarian diets : from vegan to flexitarian – in terms of diets; we identify two main categories of consumers: those who consume meat and those who do not. Eating or not eating fish and meat is a question that concerns many people. Recently; based on the latest studies on the impact of food on health in the long term, the question was expanded to consuming or not consuming meat and dairy foods.

Vegetarians choose not to eat meat for many reasons (increased risks of diseases; religious beliefs; respect for animals). With a little effort and knowledge; a vegetarian diet can be very balanced in terms of nutrition.

What does it mean to be a vegetarian ? What does a vegetarian consume or not? Are there are several types of vegetarians?

So in this article; we will try to answer to all the above questions and find out a little bit more about this matter.


1. Vegan

Vegans eat only products derived from plant; raw or cooked; and processed as little as possible. Most practice a healthy lifestyle; doing sports; they know how to cook and have advanced knowledge on nutrition.

Being vegan is not just a choice about food but a lifestyle.

2. Raw Vegan

They eat just like vegans; but without thermal preparation – only raw food; more dried or heated food under 41-43 degrees C. This is not a diet for everyone; making it difficult to apply. In addition to this; it requires equipment as well (blender performance, drier);time; organizational skills; advanced nutrition knowledge and a strong motivation to resist: environmental challenges; desires and pressures from family /colleagues.


Unlike vegans; lacto-vegetarians prefer food from plants plus dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese).

4. Lacto-ovo vegetarian

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians are lacto-vegetarians who eat eggs as well.

With age; people can’t efficiently digest meat and remove it from the daily menu; replacing it with milk and eggs. Unfortunately; these people do not increase the amount of vegetables and raw vegetables that would ensure power and strength. Replacing meat with a lot of dairy products and eggs is on the contrary without health benefits.

5. Flexitarian

Flexitarian is a vegan who consumes animal products only occasionally and in limited amounts (parties, holidays, vacation etc). Most husbands with vegan and lacto-ovo-vegetarian wives are flexitarians. Even though at home they eat 100% vegan or lacto-vegetarian;on delegations;at the cafeteria;at work or on vacation they will order animal products for several reasons.


Whether vegans; lacto-vegetarians or flexitarians; there are cases in which the products containing gluten or soy are avoided.

Whatever diet they approached; vegetarians must be respected. As a result; each of us decides what it is good and appropriate for his or her own body and life. Sometimes money; time;habits, fear of change; the pressures of others; affects our choices.

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