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7 reasons why a vegetarian diet is good

If you ate a lifetime meat, milk, cheese, it is quite difficult to give up these foods, but it is worth making the effort. The beginning of the Easter lent is a good opportunity to see what effects a vegetarian diet has on your health status.7 reasons why a vegetarian diet is good

The reasons are:

1.It gives you extra energy

First of all eating more spinach, green beans, green vegetables will give more energy. These reduce the blood pressure, increase physical strength, facilitates oxygenation.

2.Lose weight easier

Vegetarians are also less prone to obesity and are more likely to lose weight easily.

Fruits and vegetables can bring you extra fiber; which means that you get rid of the digestive discomfort easily.

3.It improves your heart health

Also the saturated fats coming from meat increases blood cholesterol levels and high levels of bad cholesterol leads to an increased risk of heart disease. Another advantage of giving up meat is the decrease in blood pressure due to food rich in fruits and vegetables.

4.It lowers the risk of diabetes

Those who follow a diet free of animal products have a lower risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome, diabetes, stroke or cardiovascular disease. People who gave up meat have achieved a decrease in blood pressure;blood glucose; triglyceride levels; have managed to lose weight easier

5.Protection against cancer

A team of researchers also observed a reduced incidence of cancer in people who have given up meat for religious reasons. Experts have shown that vegetarians are protected from gastrointestinal cancer;colorectal cancer; breast cancer.

6.You will have a cleaner skin

Animal products are often responsible for the problems that occur in the skin. Pimples and acne are also part of these problems; but using a vegetarian diet you get rid of them in 100%. Of course,the results will begin to be visible only after the first two weeks of treatment; so do not get discouraged if they do not  appear immediately as you want.

Doctors recommend vegetarian diets when there are skin problems;plus they believe that besides this diet is advisable to drink parsley tea to have a healthy digestion and perfect skin. Studies have shown that the results are more visible in the long term.

7.You’ll live longer

According to some research, vegetarians live with 7-15 years longer than people who eat meat; milk and eggs regularly.

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