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How to have a healthy diet?How to have a healthy diet?

How to have a healthy diet? Eating healthy means to listen to your inner voice that generally knows what healthy food means  – fresh – and one that is not – packaged and processed.
If you want a diet program to work on a long term, you will need a lifestyle that you should adopt and like. This implies a diet that is rich and delicious;one that will mean that you will make a commitment to yourself.
The founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Weight Management Center and author of “The Real You Diet”, Madelyn Fernstrom claims that people are so desperate to lose weight, that they want to lose weight at any cost. “When despair is installed,” continued Fernstrom “logical thinking disappears.” Who cares that the list of prohibited foods is longer than “War and Peace”? You lose weight. You’re happy. But your body may not be.

The rankings of the diets

With the rankings of best Diets 2016, you can check which are the most popular diets; from Atkins to Weight Watchers,each with a detailed profile . And the rankings News’ Best Diets for Healthy Eating Diet gives each a score of Health from 5 (best) to 1 (worst) regarding safety and nutrition.
“Those who get high scores regarding safety and nutritional value – are very similar”, says the nutritionist Andrea Giancola.
Very few diets from the Healthy Eating list are unsafe or are severely deficient from a nutritional point of view.
If you are unsure about safety and nutrition,listen to your body.Fatigue, sleeplessness, dizziness, pain – all these raise questions. Fernstrom says that if you want to lose weight you should do it because you want to be in a good health;so you will have more vitality and in the end,you will not feel bad about it.


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